Youth Group

Illuminate is our youth group for grades 6th-12th. We are not your “typical” youth group. The format I have seen for years is this: 1. Arrive And Feel Awkward 2. Eat And Stand To The Side 3. Watch Them Play Music 4. Goofy Game 5. Watch The Pastor Speak 6. Go Home

This is a very ok format, but here at Illuminate we have found things to work differently. 1. Arrive, Be Greeted, Feel Loved, Meet A Friend 2. Eat And Drink Anytime With A Friend 3. Possible Worship Together Or Fun Games 4. “Circle Up” On Cozy Couches For Group Talk. 5. Go Home Feeling Challenged And Hopefully Blessed.

We strive to keep the interaction flowing. Every type of person and belief is welcomed here to share the views and opinions. You will be heard. We will not always all agree, but we need to learn how to disagree agreeably.

Dont be afraid to come and be yourself in a fun, hopefully spiritually challenging, loving environment. Check out some testimonies from young people here.